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This is going to take longer than I thought!

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It's the second of Jan 2006 and I was hoping to be on my way by the end of this month, by which time my notice will be up, but I've just realsied that there are too many places in the world that I want to visit, and the places that I've been to before mess up routes that I want to take. I really want to go to NZ first, but if I think about it logically, going to an expensive place first, is probably going to kill my budget and may force me to stay there to earn enough to move on (where I've been till now). Perhaps I should re think the route, visit S America/India/Laos/Cambodia etc first and then go to Oz and NZ where I have always seen myself ending up anyway!!!
I think I'm making this far more complicated than I need to!!
I also have to sort out;

photocopying all my stuff
scan and email all my docs to myself
pack up all the stuff I don't need (there's a lot of it)
pack certain things that I will need later so that my folks can mail them if I need them
buy new walking boots and break them in
buying a bloody ticket!!
oh my god the list goes on!!

I wanted to do voluntary work as I went, but it turns out that you have to pay (quite a bit) to do almost anything. Grrrr...not happy about that!! What a world..you have to pay to be nice!?!?

I also want to dive as I travel, but really don't fancy lugging my gear everywhere with me!!

I kinda wanted to write this now so that I wouldn't forget how disorganised I was. I'm sat in my work office at 19.48 when I don't even have to (free internet) reading the experiences of others trying to find reputable companies and reasonable insurance etc. (that's a lie, I'm putting it off by writing this)

back to it then!

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